Thursday, August 7, 2008

Inventive Opposition: Anti-Railers Cite ‘Graffiti Magnet,’ Air Fares as Reasons to Fight Project

Anti-rail letters have the field to themselves in today’s Advertiser. Granted, other days have seen only pro-rail letters, but it makes you wonder how the editors choose what to run. Surely letters on both sides of the issue are pilled high in their office on any given day. New Rule: “Balance letters on both sides of the major issues.” (Bill Maher, we need you.)

One anti-rail letter ends with the expectation that “those concrete towers will be magnets” for graffiti, thereby requiring cleanup, along with all the other expense. Another concludes by connecting the dots between higher oil prices, higher air fares, less tourism, reduced GET revenue and rail’s doomed future.

We agree that life has its ups and downs, many of them unanticipated, and problems require solutions; there’s nothing new in that. So roll up your sleeves and think beyond your upset.

Where’s the Beef?

The key subject today’s writers circumvent and fail to address is simply this: How do they propose moving commuters through Honolulu’s urban corridor back and forth to the ewa side without ensnarling them in traffic? They never, never, never address that issue – just the perceived deal-killers.

People (including the Stop Rail Crowd who filed suit yesterday): Move beyond your outrage and come up with viable solutions to Oahu’s mobility problem. And don’t simply roll out that old non-starter -- grade-separated but eventually-bogged-down-in-traffic Lexus Lanes. They won’t accomplish the mission, which is to give commuters an alternative to sitting in traffic that will enable a predictable time of arrival at their destinations -- each time, every time.

Maybe tomorrow’s letters will include something from the opposition that addresses the mobility factor. Somehow, we think not.  (Homework assignment: Click on the Comment to our August 3rd post, below, and then the links supplied by "billso.")


aerotramontalvo said...

Dear Hunolulu citizens:
I think $3.7 billion budget for rail solution is not able in this days.
We know about another solution, elevated but on steel columns and concrete, running 21 kilometers in 25 minutes, two level, electric trains on rubber tire, full environmental friendly, no noise, no vibrations, no garage or wash trains special areas needed, high quality of life, fare about $ 1 journey. Cost $1.5 billion for 21 kilometers. Construction period no more than 34 months.
Up to-date-tech, GPS solar powered for controlling and signalling, perimetral safety, emergency scalators esch 66 meters.
Named Aerotram is the new concept in Rapid transit, able to transport 500 pass each train.
More info:

Doug Carlson said...

Thanks for your contribution "aerotramontalvo," but the train has already left the station, as it were. Curiosity will move us to accept your invitation to visit whatever websites exist on your technology. If you're serious about your concept, contact the City's consultants, but you may be a tad too late.