Sunday, February 8, 2009

Honolulu Rail Project Will Break Ground Well Before the NFL Stages Next Pro Bowl Here

Star marks location of Aloha Stadium’s rail station in the “airport” route. 

We’re going to squeeze one more Pro Bowl tie-in with the Honolulu rail project before the football players have flown back to America. As all Hawaii knows by now, we won’t see them here again until 2011 at the earliest.  The NFL has decided to play next year’s Pro Bowl in Miami after a 30-year run at Aloha Stadium. Good luck with that!

The NFL hasn’t said when or if it will bring the game back to Honolulu, but what seems beyond doubt at this point is that construction on our rail project will be well underway the next time the pros kick off here – even if it’s in only two years.

Give it a few more years and Oahu residents will be taking the train to the Pro Bowl, as well as all the other athletic events at Aloha Stadium. The nearby station will make commuting to and from games a snap.

So let the NFL go to Miami next year. We hear the players are already grumbling.

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