Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hawaii Gas Price Shoots Toward All-Time High

Our prediction last Sunday is coming true: Gas prices in Hawaii are on a track to surpass the all-time high for regular gas of $4.507 in the coming week.

Today’s statewide average for regular is $4.412, up 10 cents in six days. California has moved into second place ahead of Alaska among the states, but their average regular prices are about 30 cents below Hawaii’s.

Someone used a speech this week to compare Hawai’s vulnerability to rising oil pries to the clueless frog in a pot that’s slowly being brought to a boil. Before he knows it, he's cooked.

Except – we’re not clueless anymore about oil and gas prices. We’re paying attention. Those price increases are hitting us where it hurts – in our family budgets.

Pay attention also in the weeks ahead to the passenger figures released by Honolulu’s TheBus. They’ll go up as the cost of gas increases; it’s a pattern seen over and over again as far back as the early ‘70s, when the oil embargo produced odd-and-even license plate driving restrictions here.

Oahu residents restrict our own driving to save money, and we’ll really watch our travel costs as the statewide average price zooms upward. Our prediction for a new record price: Friday, April 15th.

What a double whammy that would be on Tax Day.

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ojisan said...

People will stop driving at $10. per gallon. Less car on the road and no traffic. Maybe we don't need an elevated railway system after all.