Friday, August 12, 2011

Yet To Open, Norfolk’s Train Has First Car Crash

The point made two days ago here in posting about Norfolk’s new light-rail at-grade system – “Something you'll never see from Honolulu's train: Cross-traffic.” – literally hit home yesterday when a car crashed into The Tide during a test run. Said WAVY-TV’s news anchor: “This morning’s accident was bound to happen sometime, but this occurred sooner than anyone thought....”  Inevitable in Norfolk, maybe, but we’ll say it again: That kind of accident will be impossible with Honolulu rail until the day cars start flying. Our system will be elevated. (Above, WAVY-TV's video shows workers repairing the damage; watch the video to see a reporter's investigation of when and how often trains approaching an intersection are required to blow their horn. Quiet, The Tide is not.)

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