Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Review: Opponents on Defensive after Fact Check Reveals Extent of Quartet's Spinning

Trade winds have been light over Oahu this week, and the wind decidedly has gone out of the rail opponents’ sails, leaving them dead in the water after Civil Beat’s latest beat-down of their August 21st newspaper commentary.

Civil Beat’s editorial board devoted more than 3,500 words yesterday to an extensive analysis of a key assertion by Cliff Slater, Ben Cayetano, Walter Heen and Randall Roth, the op-ed’s authors and plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit intended to kill rail.

CB looked for evidence that the city has misled the public about rail’s impact on future traffic congestion, one of the opponents’ key arguments, and found none.

The board’s conclusion, plus Civil Beat’s previous judgments about the quartet’s   FALSE   statements in their commentary, are making the city’s case that the Slater-led anti-rail effort is itself misleading the public on this important infrastructure project.

Today’s Star-Advertiser op-ed by HART interim executive director Toru Hamayasu is yet another direct response to the quartet’s misinformation campaign. You’ll have to read it in the print version, though; an online link can’t be found as of this writing.

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