Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tonight’s Anti-Rail Forum Will Be Wakeup Call for Rail Supporters, Especially West Side Residents Who Want To End Traffic’s Grip on Their Lives

“Night of the Hired Gun” could be the title of this evening’s anti-rail performance at Kapolei Hale if it were a movie. Mainland imports who’ve made their reputations on hiring out to mass transit opponents will be the featured speakers in a forum moderated by UH highway expert Panos Prevedouros.

The visitors’ trip to Oahu was announced in mid-January in a Star-Advertiser ThinkTech Hawaii column that we referenced at the time, noting that the doctrine that binds them is anti-rail and pro-highway outlook.

It’s also an anti-government-spending doctrine that’s selective in what kinds of government programs they oppose and what they like. “Highways are good, rail transit is bad” pretty much sums it up.

We’ll have more here in this space tomorrow about this evening’s event. In the meantime, congestion-weary west-side residents might want to Google the names mentioned in the January post linked above to get a read on what they’re likely to hear this evening.

We can confidently predict what you won’t hear – anything that could be interpreted as favorable commentary on Honolulu’s future traffic-avoiding rail transit system. The “Night of the Hired Gun” script has no room for that kind of dialogue.

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