Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abercrombie or Dijou? It’s Not Even a Contest

There was more than enough content on rail in Honolulu’s newspapers today, so we refrained from jumping in (until this evening) with the observation that Rep. Abercrombie’s piece trumps Councilman Dijou’s so massively they’re not in the same league.

It’s a shame the two pieces weren’t side by side in the same paper so Abercrombie’s pro-rail commentary could be contrasted nicely with Dijou’s Johnny-one-note complaint. We can’t wait until the two men are on the same stage sometime, somewhere to debate this issue.

Here’s a suggested debate topic – the fact that Honolulu’s train one day will be powered by renewable energy. Dijou’s alternative to the train – whatever it is; he doesn’t actually offer an alternative, just an up-or-down vote on rail – would likely be some form of Lexus Lanes and therefore would still rely on the internal combustion engine.

That debate can’t come soon enough.

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