Friday, July 11, 2008

Tortured Explanation of Governor’s Pro-Petition Stance Ignores What It Means to Sign the Thing

The Governor recently told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that she “will likely” sign the a petition that reads:

“Honolulu mass transit shall not include trains or rail transit.”

So today her communications adviser writes in an Advertiser commentary:

“It's unfortunate that The Advertiser and others have jumped to conclusions on many fronts regarding Gov. Linda Lingle's recent statements on the proposed O'ahu rail-transit system. In their zeal to try to read into the governor's comments, pro- and anti-rail supporters, pundits, reporters, politicians and bloggers have lost sight of the governor's message that highlights the public's need to have adequate, objective information on all aspects of the proposed rail system.” 

What’s not to understand, Lenny Klompus? People sign petitions to support the intent of the petition, which in this case is an unambiguous attempt to kill Honolulu’s rail project now and forever, once and for all time. Her signature – if it’s actually been affixed – sends a clear message, no matter what his 800-word explanation says.

Just about all the information Mr. Klompus needs about the project is found at its website, including this simple 10-word fact – the same count as the petition’s declaration:

Grade separated transit is the only option to traffic congestion.

That’s clean, clear and requires no explanation. If the Governor understands that, there’s no way she can sign a petition sponsored by people who don’t.


If Larry Geller says it, it must be true:  I'm a communicator who sometimes can get information across clearly and persuasively.  Now comes more of the Sideshow (see my post on Big Tent vs. Sideshow) that attempts to dismiss my views on transit because I'm paid to make them.  (If we applied that "logic" across the board, we'd have nothing to believe in, would we?) If anyone is having trouble finding my disclosure on my affiliations, you can go to my very first post at this blog on June 30th to read it.  I'll make a point of linking to it regularly from now on -- to satisfy the inquisitive souls down at the Sideshow.

Now, if you want to take issue with the grown-up Big Tent arguments on this blog, please do so by leaving a comment.  Honolulu's rail transit system is too important to this island's and our children's future to spend time with the distractions.  I'm for rail and have been throughout the '90s and into this decade; until last October, all of those pro-transit letters and commentaries in the local papers were written without a client.  Check it out for yourself by using Google to find those items.  Nothing's changed -- unless the fact that I'm compensated today vs last year throws credibility out the window.  Like I said, let's be grown-ups here.


Anonymous said...

So true. the idea that the petition is "giving people a choice" is misleading. the petition is about taking away choice via the question "Honolulu mass transit shall not include trains or rail transit." The question would deny us from ever using rail transit, no matter what the situation. What if in the future rail transit was an option on the Windward side? In Mililani? This petition would deny rail forever.

Anonymous said...

Doug Carlson said...

"Anonymous" in the post with the http link did me the favor of leading me to the blog of Andy Parx. I don't think I've ever seen a more fitting graphic to accompany a column as the one you'll find next to the scribblings of this "rabid reporter." He sure does come off as an over-the-top hothead.

I do thank Parx for quoting so much of what I've written lately -- none of which I'd change. I'll also suggest he needs stronger glasses; my 'FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT" that documents my affiliation with the City's outreach team isn't nearly as hard to find as Parx "reports."

As for the rest of his column....not so much. His whole piece is just another part of the Sideshow as it refused to answer this: What's the alternative to sitting in traffic if not the rail system?

I'll grant Andy this. He's pretty good at name-calling, and with that expertise, they've saved a spot for act, down by the Painted Lady, the Guess-Your-Weight guy and the Pop-the-Balloons booth. Location, location, location.