Sunday, January 11, 2009

Impeach Mufi Campaign Is Full of………..Holes; Radio Spot ‘Evidence’ Nothing More than Spin

Wondering about the big piece of evidence offered by the Impeach Mufi crowd? Here’s a radio spot the City aired during the election campaign last fall. The copy in red is what the self-appointed impeachers have highlighted on their website (no, we’re not going to link it):

“What causes traffic congestion and how do we reduce it? Simply put, congestion occurs when too many vehicles try to pass through too small an area. They have to slow down and wait their turn. During rush hour, congestion builds quickly at major roadway merges and from the downtown area outward. So we need to reduce the number of vehicles at those critical pinch points. That’s what’s so important about rail transit. Rail transit is the only large scale solution that helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, especially in the downtown and Ala Moana areas and corridors from West Oahu. So even if rail transit doesn’t directly serve your neighborhood, it will still help overall; whether you’re commuting from the Windward side, East Honolulu or the North Shore, a growing population will mean more commuters and likely more traffic. But building rail transit now is one of the most cost-effective ways we can avoid more congestion in the future. To learn more, visit Paid for by city taxpayers.”

Each of the highlighted words and phrases refers to the City’s assertion that vehicle congestion will be reduced if rail is built. The anti-railers would have you believe these words and phrases were lies, but guess what: Congestion will be reduced if rail is built compared to what congestion would be like if rail weren't built! Spend some time with the DEIS and that much is clear.

“But, but, but….” sputter the malcontents. “We think the spot was misleading because it said congestion will be reduced from what it is now!”

Sorry, presumed impeachers. That’s not what the spot said. You can allege lies and greed and ripoff, but Honolulu citizens are too akamai to let you put this one over on them. Stop the spin.

Draft EIS Video on YouTube

Our December 4th Yes2Rail post has links to chapters in the rail project's Draft Environmental Impact Statement, but if you like your information in video form, check out the YouTube version in three parts.

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sumwonyuno said...

I read a letter to the editor today where a member of Stop Rail Now says the group isn't behind the Impeach Mufi effort. Well, obviously, someone who voted for Mufi and/or supports the rail project in its current form wouldn't be on there. Also, someone who hadn't voted in the election would be too apathetic and unmotivated enough to do more than complain without action.

Even I don't think that the whole (or even a majority of) SRN has come once again under a different name. At least it's comforting to hear some of them are positively constructive for the rail project (e.g. DEIS comments). It seems only the die-hards are part of it.

It's easy to say the Mayor abused or perpetrated fraud, but will it hold up in court? If it were true then wouldn't the project be further along (not offending you all working on the project!) and be a done deal? Like, a specific vehicle vendor, contractors, etc. I had thought before the Mayor favored monorail, but we wouldn't have gone through the process to choose steel wheel if he was really pulling strings.

I don't doubt they'll find 5000 people, and we'll essentially go through the same thing as with the anti-rail petition.