Monday, April 5, 2010

Community College Welcomes Rail ‘Gateway’

The media usually focus on negative “newsworthy” angles in their stories about the Honolulu rail project’s route, but Honolulu Community College has a different take.

HCC intends to incorporate a rail station into the campus’s building plans, as described in today’s Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Nothing new has been built at the Dillingham Boulevard campus in 40 years, a generation ago. But now plans are being created for a six-story Advanced Technology Training Center, and most probably would agree that it’s about time.

While rail commuting will be convenient and traffic-free for everyone who decides to ride the train, nobody will find it more so than HCC students. They’ll be just minutes from class when they alight from the train and get to work in that new training center.

Return to Paradise

A business traveler writes in today’s Bulletin that she won’t return to Honolulu for pleasure and maybe not for business if she can help it. The problem? Traffic congestion made it a three-hour round trip between Waikiki and Waipahu.

Come back when the rail project is completed, Debbie Kipper of Shawnee Mission, KS. You’ll cut about two hours off that trip by riding Honolulu’s train.

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