Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pro-Rail Commentaries Provide One-Two Punch

Who would blame you if you swore off reading the “comments” sections below the newspapers’ online rail stories anymore. What’s the point? The same old pseudonyms trot out the same old pro- and anti-rail rants each and every time a story appears.

Take the two pro-rail commentaries in today's Star-Bulletin. They're like fingernails on a blackboard to the anti-railers.

Former City transportation director Joe Magaldi tops the two-page spread (in the print edition) by recalling his recent trip to the nation’s capital and its modern, grade-separated rail system.

“The only safe, convenient way to get around was riding the Washington, D.C., Metro system,” Magaldi writes. “As always, moving through the city was remarkably convenient, thanks to Metro.”

Following up with an engineer’s perspective was John Katahira, president of the American Council of Engineering Companies-Hawaii, who urges readers to respect the multi-year process involved in scoping and planning the Honolulu rail project. Says Katahira:

“Over the last five years, there have been many opportunities for public involvement. It is now time to trust the process, move forward — with our eyes wide open — and make the most of a project that will shape Honolulu's future”

The commentaries urge Honolulu citizens to embrace safe, effective, fast and convenient transit – all attributes of Honolulu’s future rail system.

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