Sunday, May 2, 2010

لا يحدث الكثير باستثناء زيارة من السعودية = Not Much Happening Except a Visit from Arabia

Every now and then we’re reminded that the Internet truly is a World Wide Web. This blog’s SiteMeter recorded a visit on Friday from someone whose continent, country and Lat/Long were all “unknown,” but we know at least this much: Yes2Rail showed up on their browser in Arabic (as the above screen capture shows).

The page visited was our February 22, 2010 entry that reported on the "PBS Hawaii" TV show’s panel discussion a few evenings earlier on rail transit that involved an AIA architect, a City Council member and the City Managing Director.

That wouldn’t seem to be of interest to anyone out there whose browser is configured to display in Arabic. Was it the headline that attracted them?

“The ROTC Drill Sergeant Had It Right: ‘You Can’t March Your Platoon Faster than the Slowest Man'"

Drill Sergeant….March….Platoon….


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