Monday, January 24, 2011

Governor Says State Will Support Rail’s TOD Effort

Governor Neal Abercrombie delivered his first State-of-the-State Address this morning and continued his endorsement of Honolulu rail by pledging State support for transit-oriented development along the project’s 20-mile route:

“The New Day Work Projects will look to the future and what our community and our economy will look like decades from now. For example, as Honolulu moves on its transit plans, the State will actively encourage and support attractive, sustainable transit-oriented development. The Legislature has proposals on these concepts, including looking at density rights and other zoning initiatives. I will look forward to participating in these discussions and moving quickly. The people of Hawaii are going to get to work and build our future.”

In an allusion perhaps to federal monies that are anticipated to help build Honolulu rail, Abercrombie continued:

“In meetings with other governors across the country I’ve met some who have an ideological problem with utilizing resources from the federal government and collaborating with the President. We of course have no such problem. After all, federal dollars are our tax dollars, and we should pursue our fair share vigorously and strategically.”

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