Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Walking, Transit Part of Millennials’ Preferences

Continuing the thought from yesterday – the one about the importance of not excluding Oahu’s future generations from the rail discussion (see post immediately below) – a recent Wall Street Journal piece seems especially relevant to Honolulu's plans for transit-oriented development (TOD) and Generation Y's likelihood to embrace Honolulu rail.

Reporting on a National Association of Home Builders conference, the article says “Gen Y” (born between 1980 and the early 2000s) are into urban-style living, walking and transit.

They’re not into living like their parents in suburbia – at least, not yet. “….since cities themselves can be so expensive, places with shopping, dining and transit….will do just fine,” according to the article.

Reading this piece suggests Gen Y will embrace living in newly designed communities built around rail stations. Fast, frequent, reliable and safe rail transportation will satisfy their mobility needs.

As the WSJ piece says in its opening paragraph, Gen Y doesn’t want dependence on a car. Unlike their parents (apparently), they won’t mind walking to a station to make a fast traffic-free trip.

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