Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prediction Falls Flat; There’s Not a Single Word in The Sunday Paper about Candidate’s BRT Plan

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Oh, the shame of being so nakedly wrong in predicting anti-rail Ben Cayetano would have details of his bus rapid transit plan in today’s Sunday paper.

We can explain. The mayoral candidate told Civil Beat almost four weeks ago he’d unwrap those details “in mid-April.” We’re confident he wrote that, since Civil Beat editor John Temple showed Mr. Cayetano’s email to reporter Michael Levine, who wrote a story to that effect.

Today is mid-April, right? The 15th is inarguably the middle of a 30-day month, so we thought the logical place for the former governor to let everybody know what he’d build instead of Honolulu rail was to publish a commentary jam-packed with information in the Sunday paper’s “Insight" section.

You just don’t launch a campaign dedicated to killing the mobility-improving, travel time-reducing, transportation-equity ensuring, development-enhancing and job-creating Honolulu rail project without a thought-through substitute that would do a better job.

Yet that seems to be what Mr. Cayetano did. His March email – sent two months into his campaign – said a plan was still being assembled. Today is the 87th day since the campaign's launch; those details are yet to be revealed, so the candidate’s BRT plan would seem to still be under construction.

Having brazenly predicted we’d read all about it in today’s paper, imagine our shock to find that the only mention of Mr. Cayetano is in a story on a group of business leaders (subscription required) who will support the project with advertising and other advocacy.

We haven’t given up hope that today’s the day for the BRT plan. We’ll be asleep at midnight's "Cinderella" moment – the exact mid-point of the month, with 15 April days gone and 15 to go.

The suspense is killing. Will Mr. Cayetano's BRT resemble a golden coach or a pumpkin? We’d make another prediction, but we’re done with that.

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