Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends Find SUV that Allegedly Struck Bicyclist

The transportation community’s tent is a big one. That’s why we’ve linked to the StreetsBlog site at right. Pedestrian/bicycle safety, drunk driving, rapid transit all have a common denominator – their connection to our streets, highways and other thoroughfares.

The alarming spurt in pedestrian deaths on Oahu in October and November prompted our hope that the island would record none of them in December, and so far, that goal is being met. One man died after he was struck by a vehicle on a local farm, a tragedy that nevertheless won’t appear in official statistics as a pedestrian death.

The hit-and-run killing of Zachary Manago (at right) last Friday night has aroused the Honolulu community. A star pitcher while playing for Moanalua High School’s baseball team, Manago was a freshman at Hawaii Pacific University and was expected to begin practice with HPU’s team in a few weeks.
According to today's Star-Advertiser, Manago’s friends searched for and found a SUV that police have impounded for further investigation of the incident. A 25-year-old Mililani man was arrested.
Since the Honolulu rail project also is inside the big transportation tent, Yes2Rail will continue to follow road-related safety concerns and developments, including Zachary Manago’s tragic and avoidable death.

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