Monday, March 15, 2010

Houston Bus Crashes into At-Grade Train -- Again

Bus meets train today in Houston.
There’s been yet another bus-train crash on the Houston, TX at-grade rail system (video available here). It happened this afternoon at the same intersection where a bus ran a red light in early February, sending 9 to the hospital. Today’s crash more than doubled the number of injured.

Continuing the thought we started in our earlier post today, Honolulu’s elevated rail system will restore mobility to our citizens. But as today's crash shows, Houston’s citizens don’t enjoy the same assurance of mobility that we will have when our rail system is built.

That’s because their mobility evaporates with every crash. Just ask the riders of Houston’s rail system if they reached their destinations on time today. They most assuredly did not if their trains were halted by the crash.

Unfortunately, the 19 injured passengers lost more than their mobility.


PRT Strategies said...

Here's a sobering story re. Houston:

Seems there are some financial difficulties with the "Wham Bam Tram".

Unknown said...

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