Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shapiro Column Tightens Paper’s ‘Closed Loop’

First came Saturday’s incomplete view-with-alarm story on the rail route’s temporary issue near Honolulu International Airport. City Transportation Services Director Wayne Yoshioka’s letter to the editor in today’s Advertiser calls that story “inaccurate.”

Next came yesterday’s editorial, which was based on Saturday’s story and therefore mirrored its view-with-alarm assessment. We described this process as a “closed information loop” – an editorial based entirely on the paper’s inaccurate news story.

Dave Shapiro’s Volcanic Ash column today tightens that loop and slams the City while giving the Governor a free pass – even though his last paragraph seems to refute what he wrote in the preceeding graf. (She's moving "briskly" in starting a financial review now even though she's had the Draft FEIS for three months?)

For an accurate assessment of what’s going on with the rail route at the airport, read Yoshioka’s letter -- and step out of the Advertiser’s closed loop.

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