Saturday, June 19, 2010

‘Ride’ Honolulu’s Future Train at Kahala Mall

It costs nothing to "ride" Honolulu's virtual train.
It won’t be up and running in any segment for two or three years, but shoppers at Kahala Mall in East Honolulu can take a virtual train ride this weekend thanks to some electronic magic.

Also, simply filling out a short questionnaire about the rail project will net each adult who does so a nice tote bag in any color they want – as long as it’s red, blue or green.

Speaking of green, that’s what traveling by rail will be. The train will be powered by electricity, so as increasing amounts of renewable energy connect with the electric grid as the years roll by, the system will operate increasingly on clean energy.

Eventually, when Oahu replaces petroleum fuel with wind, ocean, solar and trash power to generate all its electricity, Honolulu's train will be the greenest ride on the island, producing no carbon emissions and no pollution.

Now, that's progressive – and tell 'em Yes2Rail sent you!
Honolulu rail's display is near Kahala Mall's Apple Store.

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