Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calls Mount for Governor To Act on Rail’s FEIS

We’re staying focused on the nuts and bolts of the Honolulu rail project’s status and schedule here at Yes2Rail. The political goings on and this month’s primary election are not our concern here. So what is?

The status of rail’s Final Environmental Impact Statement is the fundamental issue these days. As noted here many times, the FEIS must receive gubernatorial approval to proceed, but it now sits in the Governor’s office pending the completion of the financial review she just ordered.

Senator Daniel K. Inouye literally begged the Governor last week to release the FEIS, saying the project is too important to withhold her approval. Inouye said federal funds, although slated for Honolulu, aren’t guaranteed and could be diverted if the State delays the process.

FACE Calls for Action

Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE) also has appealed to the Governor to accept the FEIS, saying more than 100,000 jobs that could be created directly or indirectly by the project are in jeopardy.

The City Administration consistently has said a financial review isn’t even required under the law and that the Federal Transit Administration says the financial plan is sound. Nevertheless, the review presumably is underway but probably won’t be finished before a new governor is sworn in on December 6.

We’ve pretty much given up on anything happening before then unless somebody figures out a political gain to be had, one way or the other. What we do anticipate are more calls by individuals and organizations to move the project forward and create some of those jobs as quickly as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Build the frickin' thing already. I voted for it and Sen. Inouye has all but said the federal money is a slam dunk.

Let's get the rail going.