Monday, September 20, 2010

So How Did Other Anti-Railers Do in Election?

We’ve noted earlier today that the chief anti-rail candidate didn’t attract even 20 percent of the vote in Saturday’s special election. Media guy Howard Dicus has called it a referendum in favor of rail.

So what about the other anti-rail candidates – the ones running for City Council seats? Ever ready to support almost anything but the Honolulu rail project, Cliff Slater posted the names of his presumably endorsed Council candidates three days before the election on his pro-car, anti-rail website.

How’d They Fare?

Not well at all, according to official election results. Here’s a breakdown of the vote percentages the anti-rail candidates received in the three contested Council districts:

District 2: One anti-rail candidate received 9 percent.
District 4: Two anti-rail candidates received 10.4 percent and 0.9 percent respectively.
District 6: Three anti-rail candidates received 7.9 percent, 2.9 percent and 0.9 percent respectively.

Mayor-Elect Peter Carlisle was asked on a morning TV news show today if he’d consider hiring his two main opponents – Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell or anti-railer Panos Prevedouros – in his new administration. Here’s what he said:

“Not right now.... Essentially what we need to do is to have a new beginning over there and somebody’s who is not associated with political parties, somebody who is not associated with the prior administration, and with Panos, Panos hasn’t figured out what a democracy is yet. He hasn’t figured out that we voted for (rail), that it’s the will of the people, and so if he’s never gonna get that, he doesn’t need to be anywhere in a position of authority."

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