Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s Hug-a-Veteran Day; Pick Your Campaign

The best we could do to fit today's theme.
As our graphic suggests, Yes2Rail goes beyond the day's traditional honoring of the nation’s military personnel who served in the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the all-encompassing Cold War between the hot ones.

On the local scene, thousands are veterans of the multi-generational campaign to build Honolulu rail. We can't leave them out. So to all the traditional veterans and all the others who’ve given their best in other campaigns to improve transportation, education, health care or whatever -- Happy Veterans Day!

1 comment:

Chewie said...

What better way to honor our veterans than a transportation system that accomodates people with disabilities?

The great thing about trains is that they work for you whether you can walk or not.