Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skateboard Meets Train; No Doubt of Outcome

Time and again news of another accident involving an at-grade train reaches us. That’s often the unfortunate result of mixing vehicular, pedestrian and train traffic, and we call attention to them to remind Honolulu residents that the City’s proposed train system will not mix that traffic. It will be elevated above the traffic.

The most recent such mishap we’re aware of occurred yesterday in Tualatin, Oregon. A pedestrian who was either walking or skateboarding was struck by a commuter train. We don’t know the extent of the victim’s injuries and hope they’re not serious or worse.

The Honolulu rail project has been idled as the Final Environmental Impact Statement awaits action by the State government. The delay offers opponents an extended opportunity to criticize the plan and offer their own ideas of what would constitute a “better, cheaper” rail system.

For all of that, we’ve never heard any response by proponents of at-grade rail to the at-grade danger issue. The unfortunate pedestrian accident in Oregon brings the safety issue to the fore again, and we’re still waiting for a credible response.

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