Monday, August 9, 2010

Seattle At-Grade Crash Prompts Commo Review

We’re written repeatedly here at Yes2Rail about how well grade-separated transit such as what Honolulu will build compares with at-grade systems. Those positive attributes include system reliability.

At-grade trains unfortunately all too often collide with other vehicles. Collisions decrease a system’s reliability, and that in turn reduces the system’s attractiveness to potential riders. Elevated systems that are completely separated from cross traffic have the obvious advantage of not being susceptible to accidents.

Last week’s truck-train collision in Seattle was a case in point. The accident resulted in a three-hour delay while the accident scene was cleared, and news reports suggest riders were “left in the dark” about the cause and length of the interruption.

Sound Transit is now exploring ways to improve communications with stranded passengers. According to the Seattle PI online service, “transit riders ‘understand that stuff happens….’”

Thing is, stuff won’t happen nearly as often on Honolulu’s elevated system.

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