Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does New Jersey Have a Lesson for Honolulu?

The City Charter Amendment ballot question was highlighted by the Star-Advertiser Monday. We wonder if backers who say an appointed transit authority would depoliticize the rail project will look to New Jersey to bolster their argument.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (a Republican, at right) announced the cancellation of a rail tunnel project between Manhattan and the Garden State’s northern suburbs because he says the state can’t afford it. Now he’s being criticized by Democrats for making a political decision to kill a project most say is needed desperately and for refusing to raise the gasoline tax to help pay for the tunnel.

We don’t know about the accuracy of the claims, arguments, counter-arguments and charges, but politics is the game they’re playing in New Jersey. And politics is what the supporters of the rail transit authority ballot measure say will be eliminated if Honolulu rail were managed by a new semi-autonomous body.

11 am UPDATE: LA Wants New Jersey’s $$

Bloomberg reports today that Los Angeles and other governments may go after the $3 billion New Jersey Governor Christie says he’s willing to pass up by canceling the tunnel project. Said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, "It boggles my mind that a state could refuse that kind of investment."

Federal funds pledged to Honolulu’s rail project 20 years ago went to other governments when the project died for want of a single vote on the City Council.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully Peter will try to grab a piece of that $3 bil since he's already in DC. What a great opportunity to retrieve the money we gave up 20 years ago.