Monday, October 4, 2010

‘Track Crashes Major Problem for Portland Bikers’

Downtown Portland's locations of bike crashes on rail tracks.
Continuing Yes2Rail's Saturday theme of at-grade rail being much less safe than elevated systems, here’s an item we came across from Portland, OR, which has an at-grade system that some like to cite as a good model for Honolulu. According to a blog post at

“Bike-track crashes are a major and underreported problem for Portland-area bicyclists.”

The blog’s post has a link to a Seattle Post-Intelligencer story reporting on six lawsuits against the city of Seattle filed by cyclists who crashed while crossing transit tracks.

Back in Portland, the bikers are citing a survey on the problems that arise from mixing bikes and transit. There are several links at the site that are worth clicking to give you more perspective on this “underreported problem.”

Even Yes2Rail didn’t mention bikes in Saturday’s post when we wrote about cross traffic that interferes with at-grade transit.

Just goes to show you can’t learn less in this life.

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