Friday, February 18, 2011

Honolulu Among 100 Best Cities for Next-Gen

There we are – way out in the lower-left corner of the above map, a pin dropped in the Pacific to mark Honolulu’s inclusion among the “100 Best Communities for Young People.”

The news is a little off-topic in a blog devoted to Honolulu rail, but it does indeed have a nice tie-in with the project. We’ve noted the pro-rail support of Honolulu’s next generation of residents for a more energy-efficient and cleaner form of transportation that will avoid all surface congestion – Honolulu’s elevated rail system.

The entire project, along with its accompanying transit-oriented development component, will serve the interests of Oahu’s next generation of families by saving them untold amounts of time and money in their personal lives.

So maybe it’s not too much of a stretch after all to write about Honolulu’s recent designation by the America’s Promise Alliance. Better living is also a promise for everyone who chooses to ride Honolulu rail.

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