Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Never Happens when Trains Are Elevated

Pedestrian jogs across tracks, oblivious to approaching train.
We’ve repeatedly banged away at the fact that Honolulu’s elevated train will be 30 above the nearest pedestrian crosswalk – unlike Phoenix, AZ, which built its rail system at ground level.

These photos taken from a train in November are chilling enough to make you stop, look and listen if you’re ever near railroad tracks. You can watch the video if you dare.

Fortunately, the pedestrian wasn’t killed, but he was seriously injured. The photo at right shows him less than a second before impact.

Maybe this incident will change the minds of some in our Honolulu community who believe our system should be built at-grade. Imagine if you will trains running on Hotel Street through Chinatown and Downtown Honolulu and the extent of the hazard they're present to pedestrians every few minutes.

OK. Time to change the subject.
The pedestrians rolls with the impact, ends up wedged between train and tracks.

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