Monday, February 14, 2011

Is There a More Precious Gift than Time?

Valentine’s Day brings a spike in flower, jewelry and candy sales, and unless reservations were made far in advance, forget about dining out tonight.

But of all the precious gifts we could give our loved ones, what they’d likely want most from us is something we’ve been given free – our time.

We noted a week ago that a recent traffic study surely under-estimates how much time is lost to commuters on the H-1 freeway and other roads and highways between the ewa region and downtown.

By our reckoning, the H-1 car commuter could spend five times as many wasted hours sitting and creeping in traffic congestion than the average driver. Averages are one thing; actual experience is another.

Contrast those wasted hours with commuting by Honolulu rail along roughly the same route that car commuters now travel 10 times a week. Instead of wasted time staring at the car in front them, rail commuters will be able to read, write or simply relax at the beginning and end of the work day.

And those hours that might have been wasted behind the wheel on the highway? They’ll be a gift that keeps on giving – as long as we pass them along to our families.

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