Sunday, February 13, 2011

‘Now Arriving on Track 2 – the 2:22’

Blame Friday’s post on the euphoria one feels upon arriving on Molokai for the weekend. Roads here are so traffic-free you know how long your trip will take when you jump in the car.

That point needs making to justify Friday’s “choo choo” song contributed by a reader who sang it back in his prep school days. The song’s love-struck suitor knows exactly when his gal will arrive – on the 2:22 train.

That’s how Honolulu rail will operate, too – by timetable. Arrival and departure times will be precisely known on the highly reliable system, which will be elevated above surface traffic that can destroy at-grade transit’s reliability.

Trips from one end of the system to the other will take 42 minutes. A train departing East Kapolei at 1:40 p.m. will arrive at Ala Moana precisely at 2:22 – no matter the weather and surface congestion.

Trains will arrive at each of the 21 stations according to a station-specific timetable. We hope 2:22 will be sprinkled through a lot of them – for old time’s sake.

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