Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Federal Money Solidly On Track for Honolulu Rail

Word comes from Washington and Hawaii senior Senator Dan Inouye that the Senate Appropriations Committee has included $55 million for the Honolulu rail project in a bill to fund various transportation, housing and urban development projects here.

As noted at Yes2Rail in February, the Obama Administration’s fiscal year 2011 budget had included that amount for preliminary engineering and final design of Honolulu’s system.

It was Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s turn to thank Inouye, committee chair, for his continued support:

“The rail project is vital for our economy and our future, and this money will help ensure its success. This project will put thousands of our people back to work, spur private investment in transit-oriented development, help curb the growth of traffic congestion, and provide an important and affordable alternative to clogged freeways and overflowing parking lots.”

The bill now advances to the full Senate and a conference committee with the House.

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