Sunday, March 6, 2011

Honolulu Transit Riders Save > $11,000/Year!

Sometimes the “more than” symbol is the only way to make a headline fit. And what a headline!

According to calculations by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) using March 4th gas prices here, riders of Honolulu’s TheBus save an average of $932 a month and $11,181 annually.

APTA details the survey’s methodology along with its results on the top 20 money-saving cities. Honolulu ranks #7, just behind Philadelphia and ahead of Los Angeles. New York tops the chart with annual savings of $14,378.

The survey is the latest validation of the obvious: By not gassing up, maintaining, insuring and parking a car, transit-riding families can save money for other worthy uses – travel, education, health and fitness, whatever.

And when fast, frequent, reliable and safe Honolulu rail is up and running, they’ll save something even more valuable than money – time to be together.

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