Friday, March 18, 2011

Millions More Transit Trips Due to Gas Prices

Another day, another increase in the price of gasoline in the 50th state, where the statewide average is higher than in any of the other 49.

According to the latest check of the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, today’s average price was $4.073, the only statewide average price above the $4 mark. California’s average is still more than a dime lower.

The American Public Transportation Association has its finger on the pulse of consumer demand as gas prices continue their rise. APTA says if prices reach a nationwide average of $4 per gallon, an additional 670 million rider trips annually would be registered. Add another dollar to the average price and ridership would soar to an additional 1.5 billion rider trips.

In addition to leading the nation on the price of gas, Hawaii is more dependent on oil than any other state. Renewable energy is creeping into the daily conversation, not only among industry advocates but throughout the public.

Honolulu rail will be the daily choice of scores of thousands of commuters and others who want to enjoy travel convenience (no traffic congestion whatsoever) and avoid car-related costs.

That’ll be part of the daily conversation in the years and decades ahead, too.

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