Friday, March 4, 2011

How Ironic

It’s worth a chuckle every time it runs on a local radio station.

The car insurance company’s spot says (paraphrasing) that if you’re still in bed when the radio tells you an accident has blocked your usual route to work, you could stay there or go to the company’s website for information on alternate routes.

Too much traffic? Just stay in bed. How that for an option?

What makes the spot a recurring irony is that it’s voiced by the show’s anti-rail host, who will never acknowledge Honolulu rail’s role as a travel option to avoid congestion on Honolulu’s main east-west routes.

Freeway accidents like the one pictured at right won’t affect commuters riding on the Honolulu rail system’s elevated guideway. Rail will be the better option to staying in bed, and it won’t get you fired.

About that Gas Price

Yesterday’s post suggesting we might see $4/gallon gas by the weekend brought a reminder from a friend on Maui that his island already is there.

Sure enough, the GasBuddy website shows regular-grade gas selling for $4.13/gallon in Wailuku. Premium goes for $4.33, and that’s not the worst of it in Hawaii. Molokai and Lanai residents are paying a dollar or more per gallon more than Maui's price.

If there’s a good reason to miss work, that might be it.

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