Monday, March 14, 2011

Mobility – a Concept with a Future in Honolulu

Yes2Rail began 2011 by focusing on the Honolulu rail project’s four primary goals, with improved corridor mobility being the first among equals. That being the case, it makes sense to explore the mobility concept in greater detail.

Jarrett Walker writes the Human Transit blog from a perspective gained as an international consultant in public transit design and policy. His insights are always worth a read, and he’s written about the Honolulu project on occasion – favorably.

Today’s post at Human Transit is about mobility, which Honolulu has lost due to ever-increasing traffic congestion that makes it nearly impossible to predict your time of arrival when you start your travel through the urban corridor.

Walker writes extensively on mobility and other transit-related subjects. Becoming familiar with the mobility concept will help transit advocates make the case for Honolulu rail, and it might even convert some opponents.

More from the Mad Men

One of the Mad Men actors in the TV spot posted immediately below is featured in an insightful interview at the Good Environment website. Remember to think "Honolulu rail" whenever high-speed rail's attributes are mentioned.

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