Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our 1st Correction – and It’s Not Even Ours

Our take on the Sunday Star-Advertiser story was that the good people of Manoa Valley probably just can’t appreciate how bad rush hour traffic is for those who must face long commutes twice a day.

But there was a lot more going on with that story, as today’s paper prominently makes clear. The Star-Advertiser has printed a correction to Sunday’s story that’s long enough to capture your notice. It’s still tucked away in the lower-left corner of B-1, but look how they’ve handled it on-line.

The correction has been inserted into the top of the archived story in a can’t-miss-it pink box. Here it is in full:
» City officials have never said they would use general fund revenues to pay for Honolulu's rail transit project since doing so would violate a city ordinance. President Barack Obama's $250 million fiscal 2012 budget request for the project is only one of several federal appropriations the city is seeking. The article below incorrectly reported that the city would use general fund revenues, and it implied that only $250 million of the $1.55 billion total federal funds sought will be budgeted for the project. Also, City Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi said the city has "already spent $120 million" in the transit fund, not $120,000 as she was misquoted as saying. And the Federal Transit Administration must approve the city's financial plan. The story gave an incorrect name for the agency.

Some element of the City or Honolulu rail project undoubtedly took strong exception to that story and triggered this lengthy correction. A few people still question why a public information effort is needed by Honolulu rail. This story is one answer.

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